Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paddling with the Jackson's

CCK opened up its new demo center on the river in Coloma and as part of the Grand Opening festivities Team Jackson came to town for a paddle down the SF American Chili Bar run. They pulled up to the Sierra Nevada House in the Jackson RV and met with the eager folks looking to get out on the river with such an impressive family - all current or former world champions: EJ, Dane, Emily and Nick. Better yet, they are all super nice folks who are very approachable and helpful on the river, be it teaching/encouraging people on their first rolls or jumping into the water to get a stuck boat off a rock. We also had local team members Sage Donnelly (9 years old) and Hilde Schweitzer.

We had about 35 people join us for some stretch of the river. People were getting some surfing tips at Maya, a great playboating exhibition at First Threat, combat rolling tips from EJ, flatwater playboating tips from Nick and Emily, and overall a great day on the river with great people.

Personally, I finally got a chance to try the new Jackson Villain. EJ loaned me his personal boat - hopefully he won't notice the extra scratches I put into it seal launching at Maya. I've been paddling the Rocker for three years and love the boat on low volume steep stuff but it's round hull makes it kind of mushy and harder to control in big water or just cruising down class IV. The Villain seems to have kept the mostly round hull which allows for great stability and ease of paddling through stuff but it has added a little bit of rail to allow the boat to carve and correct easier. The Rocker is a great boat if you stay on top of it, the Villain is a great boat that doesn't need as much minding. And it's fast as hell and ferries like a champ. Definitely placing my order for one right away.

Click below for more pictures:
100501 Jackson SFA

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  1. Wonderful day! Great photos. Thanks for posting them. Thanks for telling me how to do underwater 360s. Gonna practice...Jennifer