Tuesday, May 4, 2010

without the good stuff

In the majors the difference between a good pitcher and a great pitcher is that the great ones win even when they don't have their best stuff. Some days the fast ball just doesn't have that pop to it or the curve just isn't cutting as sharply. When that happens it is the mental focus and perseverance that wins the game. That is how I feel about yesterday's 49 to Bridgeport run on the S Yuba. I wasn't paddling sharp - my timing was off on the boofs, my lines were not spot on - but I focused and made sure I was never far off line and avoided the bad spots. It was the first time I made it down that run without even flipping. Definitely a win.

The day before I drove right by the S Yuba with my buddy Matt on our way up to run Pauley and Lavazzola creeks by the N Yuba. We both were tired and feeling kind of lazy and as we went pass Matt said that as much fun as 49 to Bridgeport is you still need to show it respect. So we had a really fun day running the creeks instead. Lavezzola was just perfect low volume creeking: read and run the whole way with one bigger drop to spice things up. Pauley has more bigger/funner drops but more mank in between. Both were just fun and stress free at this level and it was the perfect call for the day. But Matt's words were echoing in my ears as I put on to 49 the next day and I gave it the respect it deserves and it paid me back with one of the funnest IV/V runs in the state.

Lavezzola helmet cam footage:

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