Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kayak Meme Machine 5

Once again, this is to collect some of the memes I've created and shared in other places. You can see more in post 1post 2, post 3, and post 4. Here are the latest:

Now one of my local surf spots, but taken years before I moved to the Mendocino Coast. Anyone recognize the bridge?

Everyone should recognize where this was taken. Always a challenge trying to work a specific landmark feature into a good action shot, but this one worked out pretty well.

Though you can't tell, this was taken just around the corner from the previous pic. And truth  be told, it was a spilling wave wrapping around a point, not a surf break, so the perceived difficulty/danger in the shot is far greater than the actual. That's what we go for: make it look exciting but be in complete control the whole time :)