Monday, February 8, 2010

Portland Down, Tacoma on deck

The screening of Paddle California in Portland went great. We had about 35 people show up at Alder Creek and no one seemed to take offense at the focus on a rival state. Folks seemed to enjoy the show and the free beer and snacks that the shop put out.

I did a short paddle on the Columbia River before the screening and then the next day got out on the Sandy River gorge with my buddy Dave. We got a late start (put on after 1pm) but booked down the beautiful run without much difficulty. We finished just in time to drive back into Portland, grab a quick burger and head to the pool where Paul (another friend from Alder Creek) was running the polo session. It's great to see that polo is still popping up here and there and hopefully it will continue to spread until everyone has the opportunity to play in their town.

Tonight I've got a screening for the Matelot club in Tacoma and then a few days to paddle until another pool session - this time for the University of Puget Sound kayak club.

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