Saturday, February 6, 2010

farewell, California!!

But just temporarily - I'm up in Oregon to do a screening of 'Paddle California' tonight at Alder Creek in Portland. First time showing the film to out of staters so it will be interesting to get their response to my position that California has the best paddling in the world. But I'm not too serious about it so hopefully they will take it with a smile. (though I am ready to defend my proposition)

After Oregon I'm heading up to Tacoma for a screening with the Matelot club and a pool session with the University of Puget Sound Kayak Club. I'll be getting some paddling in as well and will get some pictures posted.

I drove up yesterday in between storms and after passing through the rain around Mt. Shasta I stopped and looked back to get a beautiful sight of the mountain. The Lonely Mountain is my favorite - the way it rises up all alone and dominates the horizon. I've only been up it once and the view from the top is as impressive and you would expect.

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