Monday, November 2, 2009


Got back late last night after a long weekend of instruction down in the Bay. This was an Instructor Development Workshop and while I do enjoy introducing new students to the sport I have to say my favorite thing to do is train instructors. Maybe it's because I get to cover a broader palette of skills - paddling skills, teaching skills, presentation skills; maybe it's because I feel it will have a greater impact - my students will spread their wisdom to more new students than I could reach myself; or maybe it's because the instructor trainees are generally so eager to learn. For whatever reason I always find it more fulfilling and this group was particular competent from the start so it made for a really fun weekend which also accomplished a lot.

This course was a sea kayaking course and we spent two days down in Half Moon Bay and one paddling in SF Bay. The first day involves technique work and video and the warm and sunny weather made rescue practice more palatable. Our Bay day started with dense fog and had high currents which ended up making a challenging day in spite of the mild weather. We had more fog and some light surf for our final day back in HMB which worked out well. All in all a great weekend of weather, paddling and most

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