Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bay paddling again

Another weekend down in the Bay area. This time it was just a one day paddle leading some new to the Bay paddlers from Carquinez Strait to Richmond. Steve and Chad have been paddling the Stanislaus river all the way from their home in Oakdale to the ultimate goal of the Pacific Ocean. The Bay is the last portion and quite a bit different from the rest of their trip so they asked me along to guide them. Chad's dad Chris and brother Zach came along - they've done most of the trip as well.

Their trip has been piecemeal, generally getting in one day of paddling on the weekend. So it's taken a few months to get here and we had to wait for the right currents and good weather for the Bay. We had a beautiful day with light winds that allowed us to cover the 20 miles withouth too much difficulty. The final leg will hopefully happen next week when we go from Richmond out the Golden Gate - weather permitting.

More Pictures HERE.

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  1. Wow! Thanks Bryant for such a great trip. We had a great time and really appreciate your knowledge and skill on the water. We look forward to finishing our trip with you to the Golden Gate Bridge this Sat. weather permitting.

    Chris Fallentine