Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off to the Islands!

I drove down to San Diego yesterday and picked up my boat for the Channel Islands ExpeditionSeda is giving me a Glider for the trip and she's a beauty:  nineteen feet of speed and storage.  I love my Ikkuma as an overall boat but it gets a little tight when packing for two weeks.  And I'm also expecting rather mellow seas but long distances to cover - so every tenth of a knot of additional speed makes a difference.  I've spent today outfitting the boat so I haven't even had the chance to take it for a test spin.  But I have faith that it will float.

The last minute shopping is done and my new friend Eric Bloom is shuttling us to Gaviota tonight (a huge favor that is much appreciated).  We launch tomorrow morning (unless the forecast changes for the worse) and should be back in 11 days.  Wish us luck and keep checking the blog for updates from my SPOT.

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  1. Have a great trip! We can't wait to hear all about it when you return.