Friday, January 22, 2010


OK, not really the UMC (which the local whitewater boaters will know stands for Upper Middle Cosumnes). We did the Upper MAIN Cosumnes. Which is considerably easier and more importantly had enough water in it. The run starts with a couple miles of really fun class IV action before a three drop mini-gorge that ends in a fifteen foot falls. The drops are all big and scary, and stacked right after each other they are just too intimidating. So we walked. Maybe on a nice sunny summer day with lots of people to set safety...

On a separate note, my first screening for Paddle California is tonight in Sacramento. It's going to be interesting to get reactions from the public - though most of the folks at this event are going to be friends so I'm expecting an easy crowd. When I hit the road and head up to Washington I think I will get a more critical audience.

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