Sunday, January 3, 2010

back on the river

I've been slaving away trying to finish off the Paddle California DVD (more details soon) and have been stuck at my desk for days. I really needed to get out on the water so when my buddy Matt suggested a short day on Chili Bar (SF American) I jumped at the chance. It would also give me a chance to try out the 2010 Jackson Fun which CCK just got in to the shop.

It was a nice mellow day on the river and I was really happy with the boat. For the past several years I've only had a creek boat and I've been thinking of adding a little river runner/playboat as is the standard these days. But most playboats are just too specialized and clumsy paddling downriver. So I was happy to see that the new Fun, even though it looks like the old AllStar, actually worked quite well. I didn't play too hard but it clearly can handle that aspect as well. Maybe I'll pick one up for myself this spring.

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