Thursday, January 14, 2010

start your engines

As I finished loading up and got in my truck to head to the river I realized in my rush I forgot my camera. But instead of running back inside to grab it I decided to leave it at home and just enjoy a day of boating with friends. As much as I've enjoyed documenting my paddling this past year sometimes it's easier to just paddle.

And so that is what I did and what a wonderful day it was. Three good friends, a sunny Cali winter day and miles of class V goodness on the S Yuba - this is what whitewater paddling is all about. I ate the meat on 'Eat the Meat'; got sent spinning on 'Around the World' and boofed the hell out of Ski Jump. I was worn out at the end of the day and clearly need to work on my fitness. I started out really rusty and had some sketchy lines (though some really nice ones too).

El Nino is kicking in and the winter boating season has officially been kicked off!

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  1. Post needs pictures! Just kidding...

    This upcoming week should add some flow to the rivers for you.