Sunday, April 12, 2009


The main thing that draws me to kayak polo is the team aspect of the game. Kayaking is generally a very individual activity - even if your friends are around it's you alone in your boat. But kayak polo is a very team oriented sport. In fact, I would say it requires more teamwork to really excel than any other team sport I've ever played.

So it was great to spend several days with the Canadian under21 women's team who were in Southern California for a training camp. As young as 14 y.o. these girls already have the skills and knowledge to play some serious polo. And the dedication to drive 30 hours (each way) to spend their spring break getting up at 6:30am to run and staying up till 11:00pm to review video. That's the spirit of sport that is fun to be around and something that doesn't happen in most kayaking activities. And special props to Scott, who is on the Canadian men's U21 team but became an honorary member of the women's team for the week.

Some more Californian polo players showed up on Saturday for a day of friendly games and ferocious winds. Enjoy the pictures and video:

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