Monday, April 27, 2009

A good walk spoiled

Amongst other paddling this past week I got on the South Tule, a rarely run little creek on Reservation land outside Springville. The beta we had was that you needed a 'trespass' permit from the tribe in order to reach the river. And it took a group of expert boaters who knew the run six hours to do the three miles the day before. So we were expecting an adventure. And while it started out fairly easy with great drops and short portages, it quickly turned into a portage fest involving roping boats up granite cliffs and bushwhacking through nettles and poison oak. It's a gorgeous steep canyon and has some awesome kayaking but overall I'm not sure it's worth the effort. But check out the pictures and video and see if you think it's worth carrying a 50 lb. boat on the hike.

Then yesterday I hiked back into Dry Meadow creek with a couple friends to run the teacups again. Another couple hours of hiking a boat but the beautiful location and great company made it all worth it. We actually ran into a couple hiking back there to check out the view and the guy turned out to be a kayaker who had run Dry Meadow several times before. So after my run down the six drops I let him borrow my boat and gear for a run of his own. It felt good to give someone such an unexpected happy surprise and allowed me to shoot more video - which I hope to edit in the next day or two. But for now here are some pictures from the day.
UPDATE: Here is a link to some high quality Dry Meadow video.

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