Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I had a Monday at the Kern with no one to paddle with. So time to scout out Dry Meadow Creek which I can hopefully get folks together to run next week before the upcoming Kern Festival. This is one of the most spectacular locations you will ever see. Truthfully, I’ve never run it because it isn’t that great of a kayaking adventure. Just a lot of work for six drops. But it does make a nice picture so I’ll be coming back to get my run on film.

Then on Tuesday I hooked up with Kern local Geno for a couple laps on Brush Creek to work on some lines for the Brush Creek race at the Festival. The water was low (below 1 on the bridge gauge) but I'm hoping it comes up before the race. At this flow we took a little beating, especially running the normal portage, so we called it a day after two runs.

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