Friday, May 25, 2012

South Silver

I got on South Silver Creek the other day. It's a classic in a novelty sort of way. It drops 590 ft. in the one mile that's runnable. Lots of slides on granite, some great boofs, and most of it is relatively easy. There are a couple drops that are more significant, and with only two of us on the trip we planned to walk those. But on the portage of the first big one (Skyscraper) I slipped and took a paddle to the face. So instead of putting back in and running a few drops before the next portage we just kept walking. We had gotten the best stuff - the 300 ft. slide Autobahn at the start, and the teacups section just above Skyscraper. So we called it a good day and left satisfied.

I also got a new camera and was testing it out. It's a Sony Nex-5. I need to learn more how to use it but it takes some pretty sweet shots. It has an automatic panorama setting that works great (that's the top picture). And it also shoots at a high frame rate (10/s at full resolution). Here's a link to the pics from the day.

And here's the video from the day. All shot with my GoPro.

And here's the video I shot from my first time down four years ago. Don't know if my paddling has gotten better, but at least the video quality has improved.

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