Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kern Festival never dissappoints

Once again Kern River Festival was an incredibly fun weekend of hanging out with friends, paddling a little whitewater and crashing down Brush Creek. With beautiful sunny weather it was quite enjoyable to simply sit in the park and watch the flow of people on the shore and in the river. There was some downriver racing (class II and class IV), some slalom racing (class II and class IV), and lots of Kern River Brewery beer.

I definitely felt the effects of all my traveling and lack of boating and was rather slow and missed some gates. But at least I didn't provide any carnage video while paddling - there were several swims on Brush Creek this year. Though I did provide the crowd with some entertainment while hiking back up the creek after the downriver when I slipped while crossing from one side to the other and sent my boat down the final 10' waterfall on the course. But I don't count that as a swim since I didn't start in my boat.

I'm still on the road - doing a screening of the video tonight in San Diego - so it will be a little while until I can post some more pictures and video...

UPDATE: Photos are here, video below:

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