Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little bit further

After a trip over to Anacapa a couple weeks ago I came back down to SoCal to go to out to Santa Cruz Island. This crossing is about 21 miles (vs. 12 for Anacapa) but went just as smoothly. Again it was just me and Pedro so everything was easy.

We didn't see as much wildlife this time - a couple of large dolphins came by but not much else. Once we got to the island we spent a full day just playing around the caves near Scorpion Beach. This has got to be the easiest place to get into some really deep yet friendly sea caves. We met a couple other paddlers in little boats who had taken the ferry over just to explore the caves - their boats worked a little better than ours for the task but I always enjoy the the caves more if I've paddled over to them.

Here's some more picture and the video is below:

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  1. Thanks Bryant!

    I went through most of those exact caves just a couple of weeks ago and it was like I was reliving it! Sorry we can't paddle today when you're in town.

    take care