Sunday, July 19, 2009

The great white north

Tomorrow I am hitting the road for several weeks of paddling on the British Columbia coast. I'll be sea kayaking on the west coast of Vancouver Island and then even further north to try to circumnavigate Moresby Island in the Queen Charlottes. Since it isn't really a 'California' trip I've decided to document it in a different blog:
I'll be back to California and updating this blog in September, so don't forget about me!

I had actually planned to leave for BC a couple weeks ago but the oppurtunity came up to co-teach an ACA whitewater certification course. I've been an American Canoe Association instructor for several years, both whitewater and sea kayaking, and I have learned a lot through the process. For the past couple years I've been in the process of becoming an Instructor Trainer (the folks who get to certify the instructors) and this course was the last step on the whitewater side. And if the coastal certification class I'm scheduled to teach this fall actually happens I'll be an IT on the ocean as well. It's taken a while to make it happen but it will be good to get the chance to train more new teachers - one of my favorite things. The ACA does lots of great things to help the paddling world - check them out: ACA .

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