Monday, March 2, 2009

South Yuba Goodness

Currently I'm in the middle of a road trip watching the rain dump down on us. We've spent the last two days paddling the South Yuba - I finally got on a section of the Yuba! And how nice it was. We did E to P on Saturday which was quite mellow at a low flow - but really beautiful and just plain fun. 49 to Bridgeport on Sunday was classic. In spite of raining all day the flow held steady around 600 cfs (until we got off and it started heading up precipitously). Great level for my first time and lots of great drops in there.

Here is a short clip from the beginning of the Bridgeport section. After I get a chance to do some editing I will include more stuff. But I'm off to run Pauley Creek today while it is still raining - it's suppose to turn to snow tomorrow and probably chase us out of the Sierras...

UPDATE: Here is the full video from both S Yuba runs:

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