Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sierra Sunshine

Well, the rains ended and we've had a week of great sunny weather. The rivers came down quickly and most are back under run-able levels at the moment. But I got a couple days of paddling in the sunshine including a day on the Giant Gap section of the North Fork American river. I’ve wanted to do the run for years but timing has been off. Twice I had lined up trips with friends but I ended up having to work. Both those trips ended up being high water adventures ending in hikes out, lost boats and helicopter rides. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but we got on it at a mellow flow and the whitewater turned out to be very reasonable and the scenery was incredible.

The day before we did the upper main Cosumnes run because no one in our group had done it before. It started out fun but after a portage a mile in the river was basically flat for the next eight miles. So it was more a work out paddle than anything else. Giant Gap also had an eight mile paddle out to go with a two mile hike in so I feel like I’ve gotten in more than enough exercise paddling in the past two days.

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