5K for Kids Fort Bragg

Ayla had so much fun running in her first 5K at the 2024 Whale Run that we thought we'd set up another race to help her keep up her training. And we thought the more kids the merrier! So we're inviting everyone to join us for a casual, kid-friendly 5K on the coastal trail on June 1st. There will also be a 1K option for those looking for a shorter run. Actually, you can run any distance you want. Or walk. Or ride a bike. Whatever :)

And the truth is that the training for the event is the best part. Setting a goal, making a plan, and getting out there with your little one is a great way to spend time together and get in shape. So  I encourage everyone to get a training program, even if it's just once a week (3 times would be better). I'll try to schedule one weekly event where everyone is welcome but it would be helpful if others did too. I want this to be social and fun. Here are some training program suggestions:

10 week training plan        8 week training plan        6 week training plan

I'll post more details for the race when it gets closer and we sort things out. Probably start at the parking lot at Noyo Headlands Park (end of Cypress). I'm thinking cupcakes at the turnaround spot, maybe medals (homemade) for everyone, and maybe a trophy for the winner. If you want to be kept in the loop on training or race details send me a message with your email or phone # and I will send out updates: bryant.burkhardt@gmail.com; 916-293-1167.

Weekly Training - Saturday, Apr 13, 10:00 am, meet at Noyo Headlands parking lot at the west end of Cypress and we'll run on the Coastal Trail. Beginner-friendly run/walk for about 25 minutes.

Charity Option:

I have a kayaking friend who runs a non-profit called Chicago Adventure Therapy, who take inner city kids on kayaking and other advantures. They are part of an annual charity run in Chicago called the Race Against Gun Violence. During the pandemic they offered a virtual race where people could run anywhere or anytime they wanted. Ayla was only 3 but she wanted to do it so we signed up and did some fund-raising. She 'trained' for the race and ran around our neighborhood while the neighbors came out to cheer her on. The race is back to being an in-person event but they still offer a 'virtual' options, and we've tried to do it every year since. So if you'd like to do the 5K here in Fort Bragg and maybe raise some money for Chicago Adventure Therapy, or a bunch of other good organizations, you can sign up (for free) at the Race Against Gun Violence registration page. Choose the virtual registration. You'll have to create an account. When they ask for a team you can select '5K for Kids Fort Bragg'. And if you want to raise money (or donate yourself) you can direct people to the team page HERE.


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