Monday, March 29, 2010

work can be good

Did a private lesson on Lake Natoma on Friday - a couple of adventure racers getting some rescue practice in a tandem; a whitewater 101 over the weekend - a pair of brothers just looking to get into the sport; on Monday went out with a friend from Oregon on some class IV - he wants to work his way up to running some of the classic Cali granite runs this year. Some nice variety in venues, goals, skill sets, and personalities. Consistently cold water - especially when you stand waist deep helping with rolls (though I guess it's probably worse if you're actually upside down working on your roll).

My waterproof camera was fully charged but promptly died after one picture - it's last of three batteries I had for the camera. Time to decide on getting yet another battery or moving up to get a better waterproof. The more I use higher quality photo/video equipment the more I hate the crappy quality of the the waterproof cameras that exist (more megapixels does not make higher quality). But there are so many shots that I will only get with something that is in the pocket of my PFD...

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  1. Your right, higher megapixels does not make for better imagery. Though I use a cheap (relatively) water proof. the olympus 750sw which has been replaced by the olympus tough line. I also use a gopro hero HD for the video on my blog. I love the gopro. easy to use and amazing quality, and it is tiny! mountable anywhere.

    good luck.