Sunday, December 20, 2009

A gaggle of paddlers

Saturday was our annual instructors paddle/meeting for California Canoe & Kayak. We get together somewhere in the Bay area for a little paddling, a little administration and lots of good company. This year we got in a short paddle out to Angel Island and then back to the Presidio Yacht club for refreshments. The fog was heavy when we arrived but by the time we had gotten through catching up and gearing up with all 24 folks the skies had cleared.

The paddle was nice but the real point of the day is spending time with a bunch of good folks and talking about teaching and stuff. Kayakers in general are a nice bunch of people but those who choose to help share the sport with others are an even nicer subset. And while I've been teaching in the Bay a fair bit recently I live two hours away and don't get to see the instructors down there that often. It was nice to connect again and it makes me want to get back down there more often. So many places to paddle and so little chance to make money to pay for it...

Here's a link to more pictures on CCK's Smugmug site and my own Picasa site.

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