Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday is Bay Day

The guys at the shop in Sacramento (California Canoe & Kayak) have to work every weekend but have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off when the shop is closed. So it's a good opportunity to get out and paddle during the week. For the spring and summer that normally means the river but now that we are into fall (maybe not technically but we all know the summer really ends on Labor Day) we decided to head back to the ocean.

We headed down to the San Francisco Bay in the morning and launched from Horseshoe Cove at the base of the Golden Gate bridge. It was a foggy start - we could barely see the bridge towers - but the winds were mild so we decided to paddle under the bridge over to the peninsula. There is always something special to paddling under and getting a different perspective on such a well-known physical icon. We then headed to Alcatraz before crossing over to Angel Island for lunch. After lunch we cruised past Sausalito and Yellow Bluff (small current meant not a lot of action in the tide race) on our way back to Horseshoe.

The sun came out as we paddled and the wind was never too fierce. All in all a delightful paddle with good friends in a really cool place. Kayaking can take you to remote and beautiful places far from the touch of man, but sometimes it is those very signs of humanity that give an area its beauty and grandeur.

More pictures here.

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